Richard Beatie

One of Richard’s Favorites quotes by Mary Oliver,
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Richard responded in one of his notebooks filled with football plays, circles and arrows drawn to map out his offensive linemen. On the next page of the notebook, the same brilliant, contemplative mind wrote,

“What am I doing with this one precious life?”
Love, service, inspiration, challenge and gratitude.

Richard’s life was dedicated to loving others, serving and inspiring through his coaching, teaching and most importantly, in the way he lived his life.

Richard Beatie Journals

These are letters from his football players, students, friends and family.

Here is the speech I shared at coach Beattie’s memorial service.

Richard Beatie

Hi everyone,
My name is Kevin Frum and I was and forever will be Coach Beatie’s Center on the offensive line. A little back-story on Coach and I’s relationship is during spring football after my sophomore year I had just got my spot as the starting Middle Linebacker from that previous season, this was my dream position; or so I thought. Coach had asked me to come watch one of the offensive line spring workouts to just see what they did, little did I know it was a mini recruiting trip. When they were finished he asked me to stay behind and wait for him, so I waited and he just wanted to walk down to the office with me and talk. On the way down he proposed something that had never crossed my mind and I mean never. He said, and I quote, “Kevin, I want you to play center on the offensive line.” I laughed because at the time I was about 5’7” and weighed around 180 pounds. For those of you who are unsure about the height and weight of that position let me enlighten you that the players I would end up going against in the next two years ranged from 6 ft. 250 lbs. to 6’ 7” 375 lbs. So to say the least I was a little bit undersized. Just after laughing I realized he was actually serious. To make a long story short I ended up starting at center that year, my junior year as well as the following year as a senior.

Richard in Action

I tell this story one because this is basically where my time with Coach Beatie started. Once I began working at this position I spent hours upon hours with him.
The second reason I tell this story is because through this I had the honor of being able to get to truly know coach. I had spent more time with him than I have some of my own relatives and that allowed me realize what an amazing encourager and motivator he was. When he asked me to play center he immediately after asking me he began to tell me all of the strengths he saw in me and why he thought this would be the best position for me physically, intellectually, relationally and in the sense of having the best experience over all. He was 100% looking out for my well-being as a person and as a player. If it wasn’t for Coach Beatie I would not have had the most memorable time playing center with my brothers and spending so much time with Coach. Throughout the season he would pull me aside after practice and when I thought I was in trouble he just wanted to tell me how good he thought I did that day or even just to tell me that he wasn’t worried and had faith in me. Even beyond that he would call me into the coaches office and encourage me about my character, about my athleticism about my work ethic and just about everything because he wanted to make sure I knew I was loved and important. That is a special trait that has impacted me greatly and has also made me continue to do the same to others, to make sure that others know that they are loved and cherished. Another piece of life he was an example to me in was being discipline and working hard in every aspect of life.


He spent many many hours preparing himself for the next week’s opponent so that he could then prepare us. He was discipline in everything we did on the field in the weight-room, and in the classroom. Also, through his actions and taking time to have conversation with us he made a statement that if you work hard for anything you will succeed in that thing.
These are lessons that are not taught in books or in a classroom but taught from a man who wants to impact young men and that is what Coach Beatie knew he was suppose to do in life and he did just that in my life and all of my teammates lives as well. He wanted to change lives and he was an incredible life changer. I will forever be grateful for the blessing he was in my life and the impact he made on my life.
Richard Beatie was my coach, but he is much more than that. He was my mentor, a friend, and a brother. He is family and the legacy he has left on his family and friends will never ever be forgotten. Thank you for everything Coach Beatie, I love you.
~ Kevin Frum

Eulogy for Richard

Hello everyone. My name is Robert Frith, and I have had the privilege to coach and teach with Richard Beatie here at El Toro High School. I am honored to be here today tospeak about Coach Beatie, a wonderful coach, teacher, and friend.
I first met Coach Beatie two-and-a-half years ago when he came to us from JSerra Catholic High School. He joined the football and physical education staffs and made an immediate positive impact on those that were fortunate to work with and be coached by him.


What is it that we will remember when we think of Coach Beatie? I think those that know him well can all agree with me on this. It was his passion and commitment for what he loved to do. Whether is was teaching, coaching, fishing, or simply living a healthy lifestyle, Coach was all in.
As a football coach Richard was one of the most and detail oriented men I have ever been around. His knowledge for scheme and technique as an offensive line coach made him a tremendous asset to the El Toro Football Program. Coach Beatie spent countless hours behind the scenes figuring out ways to help his boys realize success onthe field of play. No position group was more prepared on Friday nights than his offensive linemen. This was a testament to Richard as a coach and teacher.
But above all this, what made Richard so special to the young men he coached was his heart. Richard cared deeply for his boys. Coach had the distinct ability to connect to players in many different ways, always making effort to praise their strengths and help build upon their weaknesses. Players loved Coach Beatie because they knew that he cared for them like family and would do anything to help them if they found themselves in need. Richard believed that the true success of a coach isn’t measured by the wins on their resume, but by the positive impact they leave on their players.


Richard’s legacy at El Toro doesn’t end with football. Coach Beatie showed the same passionate and caring attitude towards his physical education students as well. He was respected by his students for his preparedness as a teacher and had direct influences on several students in regards to weight training and healthy living. Mr. Beatie has several students here with us this afternoon paying their respects to a man who also lefta positive left a positive impact on their lives.
Although Coach Beatie’s passing was too soon for a man who had so much to offer this world, let us not forget that he lived a wonderful life. He was well-loved and respected. I will forever be grateful to have known Richard. He was here at the right place at the right time to have left a lasting impression on all of us here today. This is not a time for us to grieve his passing but it’s our time to celebrate his life. Take a moment here today and think back to how Coach Beatie touched your life. Let us all be thankful we had the privilege to know Coach Beatie.
Coach will forever be missed, but at the same time forever live in our hearts.
Thank you Coach Mayoral for asking me to speak here today, and thank you Mrs. Beatie for allowing us to honor our friend and your wonderful husband, Richard.

Robert Frith

Dear Coach,

Wanted to start by simply saying thank you. Thank you for always being a leader.
Thank you for never giving up, and thank you for believing in me. I know it must take a lot of trust to be a coach, but I wanted to specifically thank you for trusting me. As a young developing quarterback, even when I struggled, you never got discourages in me or at least showed it. I appreciate all you’ve done for me. I know I speak for the whole
Offense when I say that we miss you and are praying for you. The lasting impact you have left on myself and the whole team will never be forgotten.
Much love,

…I wanted to write you and express my sincere thanks. I thank you for your mentorship of my son. It means a lot to me that you believed in him, instructed him, and had such an even-keeled demeanor on the practice field and in games, no matter if the circumstance were good or bad. I’m grateful to you for all of that, and Cooper very much enjoyed your unique brand of humor, and came home many days with stories that are good memories for him.
~ Cooper’s Father

Coach Beatie was a man who was dedicated to impacting the lives of young people. His steady handed and even keeled approach gave confidence to his players and unleashed them to perform at their highest level. As we grieve together and mourn the loss of one of our own, let us remember all the good that came from the life of coach Beatie, and be thankful for having had him grace our lives. He indeed will be missed.
~ El Toro Football

Just wanted to say that my family and I have been praying for you. I love you coach.
I thank you for everything you’ve done. You impacted my life so much and I could never thank you for that. You made me a better football player and a better person,

You are an amazing person, and our son always light up every time he talked about you.
~ The Whitesider family

Dear Mr. Beatie
I’d like to say thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and giving me a reason to stay motivated and positive, from P.E. class to our encounters in the yoga class, I had the honor of doing with you. You motivated me to keep going and to try new things, even when I was intimidated (the yoga class).
Your words of inspiration helped me to achieve new heights. If there was an important person in my life that made me want to do better, and open my mind to new opportunities, I’d have the honor and privilege of saying that you were one of the biggest ones. My story is one of many others that had the pleasure of being in your presence, and have been guided by your words of wisdom.

Your personal, spiritual and physical transformation shows how you have trusted your heart and gut. Never pushing your spiritual beliefs, you just live by example.

How fortunate your students are to have a teacher and coach who walks their talk like you do. Your calmness, steadiness and firm, truthful response to their questions are always heartfelt and respected.

~ Nina, Matt, Kennedy, Tom and Anna