Richard Beatie

Richard Beatie (1/18/1973 – 3/17/2017) was devoted to teaching health to teens through his work as a High School Physical Education Teacher. In addition he taught Weight Training and Conditioning classes and coached Varsity Football. In order to pursue his life long goal of inspiring and serving other on their journey to health, Richard changed his career path later in life, leaving a career in Finance to earn his Masters Degree in Education.

10 years ago Richard attended a yoga class with a friend and knew that he had found something life-changing and transformative. Richard started practicing yoga and meditation. During this time, he lost nearly 100 pounds, rehabilitated chronic sport injuries, and found greater purpose in his life.

Richard was a devoted Dzogchen Buddhist practitioner and attended numerous week long intensive silent meditation retreats. He was also devoted to a daily breath practice, in which he found similar transformative benefits. In an effort to touch others, the way he had been touched 10 years ago, Richard was inspired to share the practices that had changed his life. He generously shared his knowledge and experience with anyone who was interested, leading meditation groups and classes and teaching yoga to the teachers at school.

While Richard loved training his High School athletes in Sports, he was particularly excited about introducing and integrating the principles and benefits of yoga, meditation, and breath into his teaching curriculum.